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Here at For Pawed Patriots, we are committed to serving those who have committed themselves to serving us. The “Love me. Love my dog.” gesture on our part is our way of thanking these bold men and women who fearlessly protect us and use canines alongside them to save human lives. We are dedicated to protecting the lives of these courageous canines that serve the Military, Law Enforcement, Fire and Search and Rescue Teams through our Pawed Patriot Protection Program.

Pawed Protection

My In-vest-ment: Protective K-9 Ballistic Vests are both bulletproof and stab-proof. These vests help protect the K-9s from gunshots, stabbings, explosives, and blunt force trauma such as being kicked, punched, or beaten with a weapon or other dangerous objects such as a bat or tire iron. Each vest costs approximately $1,400. Many Law Enforcement/Military K-9 Units do not have the budget to purchase these life-saving vests. Most agencies are prohibited from spending funds on equipment that is not for human use. There are hundreds of Law Enforcement and Military K-9s that need a ballistic vest nationwide. Please help outfit every Law Enforcement and Military K-9 with a life-saving protective vest. Make a tax-deductible donation today!

My, This is Cool: K-9 BODY Cooling Vests safely increase work tolerance time and reduce the negative effects associated with heat stress. This vest increases the efficiency of working dogs and helps keep the canine alert, comfortable and vigilant so it can proudly perform its duty. Depending on size, each vest ranges in cost from $75.00 to $135.00. Please help outfit every Law Enforcement, SAR, and Military K-9 with a life-saving cooling vest and donate today!

My Paw Paws: SEARCH AND RESCUE Kevlar K-9 Boots protect the working dogs’ paws from cuts and punctures from debris that may be found at any disaster area. They also prevent the absorption of dangerous liquids into their paws. With their incredible instinct and intense training, these canines often go into places human rescuers are unable to reach. Increasing the range and duration of a Search and Rescue K-9 could save your life or the life of a loved one. Each set of boots is approximately $150.00 Please join us in providing SAR canines with these protective dog boots. We rely solely on donations. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today!

My Just in Case Kit: K-9 First Aid Field Trauma Kit (Military Grade) is designed to enable handlers to provide lifesaving treatment to injured canines at the point of injury or when veterinary care is not immediately available. This kit contains specific supplies needed to treat the dog for injuries ranging from gunshot and knife wounds to snake bites. They are sand and water-resistant. The kit also contains a quick-reference field guide and video training tutorials on how to use the contents. Over 92% of agencies nationwide do not have the budget to obtain this equipment. Some agencies are prohibited from purchasing equipment that is “not for human use”.
Many agencies leave the burden of purchasing K-9 equipment with the handler. These K-9 First Aid Field Trauma kits cost $350 per unit. However, this cost is nothing compared to the loss of a K-9’s life.

Many agencies leave the burden of purchasing K-9 equipment with the handler.
These K-9 First Aid Field Trauma kits cost $350 per unit.
However, this cost is nothing compared to the loss of a K-9’s life.

Our mission To provide All Working K-9 Units With A First Aid Field Trauma Kit.
Please Help Us Reach This Goal And Donate Today!

Here at For Pawed Patriots, our gratitude to those who served continues to our Veterans who have service dogs or emotional support dogs. We provide the necessities while they provide the love without the worry of the expense.

Sponsor a Vet’s Pawed Pet

My Fun One: COURAGEOUS CANINES CARE PACKAGE contains everything that our Veteran will need to get the pet up and running. Collar, leash, bed, two bowls, healthy treats, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, and, of course, TOYS! Each care package costs approximately $300.00. Please help a disabled Vet have a pet for life by donating today.

My Vet’s Vet: VETCO at PETCO VACCINATION VOUCHERS provided annually to Veterans with registered Service or Emotional Support dogs. Keeping our best friend healthy is the key to having a long-lasting bond where both the Vet and the pet will be very happy. A $150.00 voucher will provide the dog with all the necessary vaccines and diagnostic tests.  Please help a disabled Vet keep his/her pet healthy for life by making a tax-deductible donation today.


Here at For Pawed Patriots, our love for our courageous canines is never ending. We have purchased 12 acres in Upstate New York as the proposed home of Retreat for Pawed Patriots. If, for any reason, the courageous human can no longer house their canine, we will! Projected date of project commencement is the spring of 2019!!

Retreat for Pawed Patriots updates: The main entrance to the retreat has been paved. We are currently working with architects who will draw up a design for our retreat. One acre of property has already been dedicated. We will be able to care for up to ten canines at a time once the project is completed. We plan to break ground in the spring of 2019. Veterans and college students enrolled in Veterinary Science or Animal Behavior programs will live on site and care for these courageous canines. “Our love for these special dogs, our Veterans, our First Responders and the future of America; our students, spans all generations. In uniting the young with the experienced through a common love for dogs, we are certain dogs will be cared for eternally.”, says Founder Andrea Peponakis-Matzner.